im so so sooo excited to play new games on my vr !

i got an occulus quest 2 for christmas last year and kept forgetting to set it up . . . but i finally did it on monday :3 im rlly rlly excited to play on it its so cool
it came w a free download of resident evil 4 , but since i set it up too late the card was already expired its ok tho my birthday is coming up so i can ask my mom to buy it again teeheee ! ! i kinda want beat saber too ,i used to watch those tiktok lives of ppl playing it and it looked SO FUNNNNN HOPEFULLY MY MOM BUYS ITTT
if u have any game recommendations that arent too scary or crazy expensive feel free to comment on my site page linked in the index :3 ill be sure to read them all and take them into consideration ! i wish i knew how to connect it to my tv tho , its probably in the instructions but im too lazy to read . . . ugh!
btw ive been getting more into hypnosis mic lately ! ! i just read the prologue of the mobile rhythm game story , so prepare for character rants as i continue to read and play the gameeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^ i love rhythm games sm aaaaaaaa if u want to become a rhythm game fan let me convert u

virtually real ,