reposting spacehey entries : character opinions ( original 14.10.23 ) !

haiiiii everyone 

im back w another entryyyyyyy ! probably not gonna put any dividers this time since its a lot of work to find them . . . i waste sm time looking through carrds and rentries to find it . . .

okkk so heres all of my opinions on enstars and bandori characters that ive read stories abt so far ! !


eichi tenshouin : kinda mean but hes technically just doing his job so ill excuse it

tori himemiya : cute and silly!

hiiro amagi : a little clueless but he isnt rlly used to the city so

aira shiratori : hes ok , probably the most relatable so far lmao

tatsumi kazehaya : hes rlly cute and nice ! ! also a little clueless but he was hospitalised for a while so it makes sense

kaoru hakaze : i think its rlly funny how hes always so nervous abt girls 

rei sakuma : hes literally me :3 im a vampire irl real ++ hes cool i like the way he talks

ibara saegusa : his whole mission is to take me down and i think thats silly

tsumugi aoba : hes so sweet ! ! hope i can read abt him more


kasumi toyama : shes so silly and fun ! ! luv her

tae hanazono : mature and cool , her design is kinda plain tho

rimi ushigome : i kinda relate to her a little since im a bit shy irl

saya yamabuki : i like her design , her hair is cute :3 i dont rlly relate to her , but i think shes nice

arisa ichigaya : definitely relatable , i often get irritable and hate to admit when im wrong or when i want to do something ! i like her a lot shes literally me

lisa imai : literally the coolest ! ! and shes a canon gyaru , how much better can u get ? !

mashiro kurata : also relatable bc of shyness , shes nice :3

touko kirigaya : i think shes cool , nm to say but i wanna read more of her !

nanami hiromachi : need to read more , i have nothing to say . idr like her design tbh

tsukushi futaba : shes cute ! ! i like her pigtails



thats all !

xoxo ,