reposting spacehey entries : rant-ish ( original 01.11.23 ) !

haiii friends :3 im back again w another blog entry ! ! i feel like i have a lot to say this time , so ill write a post . this might be a slight vent or like complaining anf stuff , so sorry about that .

lately ive been feeling kind of alone . its very hard for me to make and keep friends online , because i constantly feel pressured to talk to them and go on social media to interact with them in fear that if i took even the smallest break , they would forget me . im honestly jealous of everybody that was able to find a close friend group online , i rlly wish i could have that closeness w someone :( irl , making friends is honestly ok for me and i have a lot of friends , but online , i feel like nobody really considers me close or that good of a friend . i used to be afraid to make friends online , but now that ive opened up more , i realise how hard it is . maybe i should return to my little shell . . .

ive also been getting more into bandori and enstars stories ! ! im primarily a pjsk player , but ive decided to stray away from it and be a bigger fan of other games . so far im focusing more on bandori , and the characters r honestly so adorable and sweet ! ! ! im trying to read the stories chronologically , so i started w poppin'party story 0 , but ive also read some event stories and other stories previously . so far i like lisa imai from roselia , rimi ushigome from popipa , and rui yashio from morfonica :3 my fav songs r mostly morfonica too ! ill try to play more enstars , OH BTW IF U PLAY ENSTARS AND UR A SR PRODUCER CAN U PLS DO THAT EVENT THINGY W ME ! ! ! MY DISCORD WILL BE LATER IN THIS POST PLS DM AND LMK WHAT UR USER IS SO I ANSWER AND TEKL U THE CODE

anyways ! ! ! im gonna give online friends one last shot ~ if youd like to be closer w me , add me on discord ! ! my user is pearlette :3 pls reply to this blog post w ur user , otherwise i wont add u bc i dont add random ppl ! 

thank u for reading , my dear ~

love ,